you know nothing

With January now complete –  I am left with four months in Granada. I’ve spent my last few weeks drinking lots of coffee and tea, wondering what was being said,  and planning my future trips. As I’m finishing my third week of classes here  it has begun to feel as if I am more than a visitor now – however there are things which still feel very foreign. In these past few weeks I have learned a bit more of the Spanish language, traveled to a small town on the Mediterranean Sea, and have continued to be surprised by the everyday here in Granada.

I am definitely noticing an increased ability to understand others speaking Spanish.  I am also noticing, little by little, my progress to respond and carry on a conversation without having to respond “si” or  simply respond with a confused nod or half smile. Still though, it is  a bizarre feeling to be in a room full of Spanish speakers and not able to naturally talk – there is a lot of thought involved in even the simplest sentence. Sometime I catch myself saying a word in English – thinking that the person I am talking to will understand, forgetting that they know very little English if any.  They may not speak much English here, but there is certainly an American influence here.

Shopping in Spain is much different than in the US. Here – you are rarely acknowledged beyond on “hola” when entering a store. No one offers to help and usually they will be talking on the phone and barely look at the customer who entered the store. Perhaps this is better than the alternative of being suffocated by salesmen – I’m still undecided. Some aspects of shopping here do have a bit of an American influence though; yesterday I entered a store and Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in The USA’ was playing. Can you get more American than that?

I also encountered a Domino’s delivery being made yesterday….on a scooter, up a steep rock paved road in the Albayzín.

To know something but to also to know nothing.


you know nothing

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